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Body Buddies is a diverse and exciting world filled with educational characters that teaches children about their bodies and how to keep fit and healthy. The characters take the form of many of the body’s vital organs, except in this world, they are Superheroes!
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Empowering kids to stay active and make healthier food choices

Meet the Body Buddies, your very own team of Superheroes living inside your body’s. Their mission is to keep you strong, fit, and healthy. Discover the essential roles they play and how you can keep them in tip top shape!. Let’s unite to support our kids in living happier, healthier lives!

Meet The Characters

We are the superheros who live inside your body. We’re going to show you what job we do and how you can keep us happy. The happier we are, the healthier you are!

Meta Man

High Five! I’m Meta Man, one of your body’s Super Heroes. You can’t see me but I am always with you. I control your energy levels and keep you up and running.

If you want to have Super Hero energy and not feel tired, then you need to eat REGULARLY and HEALTHILY, so that you have lots of fuel for your body.

Having lots of energy keeps you moving and alert so that you can burn off the calories that can make you fat and ill! This is how you will feel if you don’t eat and drink properly.

Harvey Heart

Hi! My names Harvey Heart, I actually look very different from how they draw me on Valentine’s Cards! I’m a muscle just like my mate Mighty (you’ll meet him later). It’s really, really important to make sure that I’m always in tip top shape because you need me to pump blood around your body and keep all the other Body Buddies going. Exercise, healthy food and water makes me very happy!

When you eat a healthy diet it’s much easier for me to stay alert and not struggle to do my job. If you eat too many sweets and junk food and don’t exercise, I start to look like this …

My tubes get blocked and I can’t pump oxygen around your body. You need me to stay alive. So please look after me!

Boggy Bowels

Nice to see you, I’m Boggy Bowels and I live in your tummy. I’m always really busy getting rid of the waste food and sending you off to the toilet! I’m always on the go so I need good food, water and exercise to make sure that I don’t block up.

If I get blocked or slow down, you get a TUMMY ACHE! Bad foods and a lack of water can make me bloated and tired too, just imagine how that would make you feel! (You probably won’t be able to poo properly either and that can be very bad for your health).

Larry Lung

Hi there, I’m Larry Lung! My job is to control your breathing. Breathing properly is very important as it gives you the energy to run, play and dance!

Try to have a good stretch each day to give me lots of room to do my job. Sit up nice and straight and walk as much as you can, otherwise I might end up looking like this!

Bossy Brain

I am Bossy Brain, the controller of your body – like the captain of a plane or boat! I send messages to the different parts of your body so that they know what you need them to do.

I am a muscle so you need to make sure that you look after me by following a few simple rules:

  • Eat well
  • Eat little and often (healthy food only)
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day
  • Exercise

Feed me and my buddies properly and we will keep you fit, healthy and full of energy. Remember, we will be your buddies for life!

Mighty Muscle

Yo Man! Mighty Muscle here and I’m on FIRE because I burn up the extra calories that you don’t need! The more you use me the stronger I become, but make sure you feed me to keep me in tip top shape.

Exercising and eating good food regularly keeps me looking big and strong, otherwise I’ll start shrinking. I will get smaller and thinner and won’t be able to burn up those extra calories.

Lucy Liver

Hi there, my name’s Lucy Liver and I have a very busy job! I kick out the bad things that we eat and drink every day and just keep the good parts!

You need to make sure I stay healthy so that YOU stay healthy. Please eat properly as too many bad things will do this to me …

Panni Pancreas

Hi my names Panni Pancreas! When your Mum says that you’re sweet, she really means it because … everyone’s blood contains SUGAR! I look after the blood sugar levels in your body and make sure you have plenty of energy.

I stop your blood sugar from being too high or too low. I like to be fed small amounts of healthy food regularly so that I can help you to stay fit and happy!

Kevin and Kenny The Kidney Twins

Yay! We’re Kevin and Kenny Kidney and we are identical twins. We work together to help your body get rid of the food and drink that it doesn’t need.

We’re always on the go which makes our job thirsty work! Drink lots of water to keep us up and running, or we’ll end up like this …

Body Buddies Intro

Watch the video to discover the incredible Body Buddies and support our mission to inspire
healthier lives for our children!

Body Buddies helps
Children to learn About...

Research proves healthy eating and exercise boost children’s energy and mental alertness. Body Buddies
workshops promote wellness for children to learn new healthy habits that will be with them for the rest of their lives.


We encourage children to make the correct food choices and prepare healthy meals that are tasty and fun to make.


We provide children with fun games and physical activities that inspire confidence, give opportunities to work alongside others and make new friends.

How the body works

We provide children with age appropriate learning of the human body and how it functions in a fun, simple and easy way.

Body Buddies to
change the world!

The Body Buddies programme has been specially designed to solve some of the common problems faced within our society today. We believe that with some positive changes to people’s lifestyles and eating habits this is what can be achieved:

Body Buddies founder


Laura Church is a well-known fitness and nutrition expert and a former professional sports woman. With over 30 years in the industry, Laura has dedicated her life to helping people become fitter and healthier both physically and mentally.
Laura is passionate, fun, loving, full of energy and enthusiasm. She’s animated, talkative and exceptionally driven. A big hit with children and their parents, Laura also works with many schools, teachers, international athletes and the medical industry.
Expert in nutrition and international sport, she offers a unique service to teach kids about health. Aims to boost awareness for better wellbeing.
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Body Buddies School Programme

Empower students with the Body Buddies School Programme – a fun, educational journey that promotes fitness, health, and mental alertness in schools.