Nutri Action for Schools 2020

Nutrition Made Simple

Nutri Action is the UK’s most fun, dynamic and interactive nutrition and fitness programme for school age children.

Laura Church is a celebrity fitness and nutrition expert with over 30 years of experience and founder of the Body Buddies, a health and nutrition programme for children educating them how to lead a healthier and active life using fun characters which represent the organs within us.

Her bubbly personality enabled Laura to host a Health and Nutrition T.V show on the Sky Active Channel. She is now on a global mission encouraging children to exercise and eat well for LIFE!

Amanda Frolich is an award-winning celebrity children’s entertainer and CEO of Amanda’s Action Club, the world’s most fun, physical development concept teaching preschool children how to be healthy and active from an early age.

Having spent 28 years working within the early years sector she was invited by the children’s activity association to become the Children’s First Champion in parliament, encouraging policy- makers to put children first at the heart of all decision-making.

Her global animation TV series featuring Action Amanda on different missions to create a world of endless possibilities and adventure, is going to take the world by storm in 2020 and this Wonder Woman is certainly one to watch!

Together we stand for

  • Health - educating children to understand the importance of physical activity and wellbeing.
  • Nutrition - to make the correct food choices
  • Education - knowledge of the body and how it functions.


Nutri Action gives teachers the most powerful and fun resources to dramatically increase children’s awareness of being healthy and active forever!

Nutri Action Tour

Nutri Action is the UK’s most fun, dynamic and interactive nutrition and fitness programme for school age children.

We believe it is essential for pupils to understand the importance of good nutrition and physical activity from an early age. The Body Buddy characters and Action Amanda are used as a learning tool to deliver our programme in a fun, informative and effective way to educate children.

Globally, in 1990 32 million children between 0-5 were obese. By 2014 this figure has risen to 45 million. The predicted figure for 2025 is 75 million. After attending one of our workshops, children will have the knowledge to look after their bodies throughout adulthood.