Assemblies for Schools

Assemblies for schools on Nutrition and Exercise

Introduce your school to the Body Buddies with a fun and educational talk that will keep the children entertained with the help of some of our Body Buddy friends.

It is becoming more apparent nowadays that children need to have a better understanding of the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. As a Fitness and Nutritional professional with over 30 years experience, I would like to share my knowledge and help children become fitter, healthier and more mentally alert.

With the help of The Body Buddies, we aim to teach children of all ages and abilities, about good food, healthy lifestyle choices and exercise. In a fun and unique way of learning, the hour long seminar includes:

  • an introduction to all the Body Buddies characters and the jobs they do
  • a Body Buddies exercise video to watch and join in with (optional)
  • games
  • quizzes
  • question and answer session

We also offer schools a Body Buddies pack which includes posters, books, exercise equipment and games packs. (Pack prices start from £20)

Assemblies are free, we do recommend a £2 donation per child for the books.

The Body Buddies help children to develop their:

  • general fitness and wellbeing
  • improve self confidence and self esteem
  • improve concentration and mental alertness
  • coordination and balance
  • strength and power
  • speed and agility

If you are interested in booking an assembly or would like more information, please enter details on form below or email your enquiry to: