“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Laura and the Body Buddies, they have changed my family’s life. I had a very fussy 4-year-old who wouldn’t eat vegetables and after attending sessions with the body buddies and learning about healthy eating she will now try everything.”

– Sarah Gibson

“The kids have really embraced the Body buddies. We regularly read the book and refer to the different organs and how they impact us and react with the foods we eat.”

– Danielle, mum to Ellis, Casey and Beau

“The Body Buddy characters are just brilliant, both my young daughters fully engaged in the interactional & fun workshop about how the human body works and about nutrition/exercise.”

– Sarah Gowland

“As the local Member of Parliament for Gillingham and Rainham, tackling the challenges of obesity is one of my priorities, and I am happy to pass on information about Laura Church’s project”

– Reh Chisti MP

“For anyone looking to improve their relationship with food or eat healthier I personally believe that there is no one better for the job than Laura Church and would most definitely recommend her.”

– Nondas

“Body Buddies has really helped my 2 young boys understand how eating healthily has a very positive impact on their body. They are able to identify the foods which make the Body Buddies feel happy and the ones that can make them feel sluggish and slow. It has helped my children to identify the different organs around the body which are responsible for different functions. To empower our children with this insight from a young age is fantastic and is greatly needed. Thank you, Body Buddies!”

– Steph Brown

“The children loved the Body Buddies when they visited our school to teach us all about how to stay fit and healthy! They taught us all about the different parts of our body and why it is important to stay healthy. Laura and Hayley taught us the different foods we should eat, and the exercise we need to do to keep us strong. The team were all very friendly and were there to support the children in their learning, and interacting well with children. Thank you to Laura, Hayley and the rest of the Body Buddies team! We had such a fun time and learnt lots of new information!”

– Beth Ryan

“Laura is the most dedicated and knowledgeable athlete I have met. As an ex-soldier, competitive bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast and most importantly, a father, I cannot recommend Laura’s advice highly enough. Laura has only ever dedicated herself to the pursuit of passing on her hard-earned knowledge so that we can all benefit. My advice to anyone is to take Laura’s advice….it works.”

– Andrew Deaver